And each day, He kept on reminding me
Watch out for the people you associate with
They’ll cling so close
Only to learn how they’ll destroy you
They’ll be closest friends but closest enemies
Learn how to love
But don’t attach yourself to them
Because one day they’ll break your heart
And that will rip off your soul
And they’ll be celebrating behind your back

And he went on and on
He wanted to discipline me
And train me to survive alone
At the same time with people
Laugh with those who laugh with you
Cry with those who cry with you
Help those who are always there for you when you are in your lowest moments
And I came to understand about this life we live
It’s a give-give society
No matter how good you are
They will always celebrate those who do bad
Funny Mmmh.. ­čśĽ­čśĽ
And as for you your mistakes is what they’ll see
Not your good deeds
And this is the society we live in…
Change to us always seem like a past tense…or rather History…



Everyday he had this evil smile on his face
Its not that he was a happy man
But he’d been through much in his life
And nothing really made sense to him
He didn’t know the evil and the good
He laughed at the downfall of others
And mourned at the success of people
That was him….
A strange character that made him a prisoner of himself
And each day I passed by..
I pitied him
And I always got this urge to stretch my hand
To look at him in his eyes
And bring him back to the real world
But maybe his was world was better
Maybe it seemed normal to him
But again my conscience will judge me
And so this day I decided I’d say hae
That’s where the step of a long journey began
And funny enough he responded
And he starts narrating his life
And the biggest concern
It was always about people
Its always about people
They broke him up
They betrayed him
They made him live in such a devastated life
And I’m here trying to convince him
To give them one more chance
Just a little bit time
Maybe things we’ll be alright
But deep inside
It dawns on me too
That it might take eternity to ever make him
Come back to his senses
His normal life
Because the road to forgiving
And reconciliation
And forgetting
Needs more than just strength

Until you experience it, you won’t know how it feels like
Until you loose someone, you won’t know the pain
Until your heart is broken, you won’t know how it hurts
Until you sleep hungry, you won’t appreciate the little you put to your stomach
Until you sleep in streets, you won’t know it appreciate to be in warm bed in your single house
Until someone looks down on you, then you won’t understand what it means to be underestimated
You see life is so funny, or rather we human beings are
We tend to ignore things and take them for granted
Until we are ‘touched’ then other people’s experiences won’t be enough to teach us
You’ve got every second counting
The clock is always ticking
But as for you, you are still in the same place
No improvement, no change, always full of pride and ego
Someone gives you all the Love, attention but it doesn’t make ‘sense ‘ to you
So when s/he decides to give up it hits you hard
And you open your eyes when it’s too late
When your loved die, that’s when you realize s/he meant alot to you
But it’s too late to give back all the Love because s/he is no more
And so it’s a challenge to all of us
Every little moment count
Let’s make the best of every little time
Put your ego, pride and whatever aside
Appreciate, Love, Respect, Forgive, Help others
Just do touch others
Leave a legacy behind
It will make sense if it doesn’t right now..

It’s Life…

It’s dark all over
In the middle of the night
But your eyes are still wide awake
The only thing giving you company is the dripping water from your bathroom
Or funny noises from outside which you can’t tell from what…
Your head is full of thousands thoughts
You’ve got worries and fears
About life, love, family, wealth, money and the list is just endless
You wonder why things happen unexpected
Why do things go so wrong
Or why do they happen so fast or slow
Why is it when you are just about to make it something comes up and you have to start from zero
You’ve got so many questions
With no answers or solutions
You are just tired of everything but you realize tomorrow is another day
You’ve got to wake up and resume your normal routine
And just look so okay as if everything is fine
But at the end of it all
We are just human
Or maybe Aliens
Living in a world full of problems and pain
Maybe it’s nature… Destiny.. Fate
Just maybe
But there are things that goes beyond our understanding
We’ve got to live once
Make the best of every little time we got
Or just wait on God
Because God’s timing is the BEST…

Sometimes it really pains me when people treat others like trash. We all know money is good but there are things it will never buy or satisfy. Someone said the best things are for free, at some point it makes sense the sun, rain, breeze, Wind, Love we all get it freely. Why should you make someone work for you for a period of time expecting for a salary only for you as the boss to end up saying he /she is incompetent. In the first place, why did you have to wait for that long for you to end up not doing your part. Where is the conscious of you people, employers, bosses?? Do you imagine yourself in that situation keeping in mind your bills, your kids, wife or whatever you were to use, using that salary and now it hits you hard that you won’t be able to do all those plans yet you worked so hard to get that Cash. It really Pains, how many marriages are broken, relationships, hatred between people just because of the broken promises caused by the salary you never paid. How many people go through depression just because you decided to kill their hopes. I believe at some point, you will get a dose of your own not just directly and by then the experience will be your best teacher though it might be too late for you to work things out. You are just not so special than others it’s just by the Grace of God. So please can we learn to be humble and treat people with respect.

#sharing my thoughts


Those Crazy moments…….

I don’t know how I came to notice him
Looks turned out to be smiles
Smiles turned to Haee’s
Haee’s turned to friendship
Each time I passed that lane
I felt goosebumps
I wanted to see more of him
That habit turned to IT
I just hoped this time
The looks won’t be deceptive

He reminded me of a soul
A one beautiful soul
Someone special
And I wanted to love him more
To have more of his time
More of his presence
More of his smiles
More and….of him
And that’s how it all began
A love story to be told……….



Down in those streets ,I walk everyday
Memories haunting me ,Day and night
Each other day is never different
I’ve become familiar
With all streets and routes
Because that’s where I call home.

It’s been years since they left
Those who were close to me
Those who cared about me
The pictures never faded
How it all happened ,Is what hurts most
The screams of help,the pain in their voice
Those eyes shading the last tears

That fateful night
When those people showed up
Demanding for what was never theirs
What they termed as their property
Mama couldn’ just watch
But within her first screams
She was hardly hit
Groaned for minutes in pain
And was no more

Papa watching from a distance
Felt the pain more
Having promised to always be there
To be his protector
He struggled to untie himself
But seemed impossible
When he became more stubborn
He was finally shot
And the mission was completed

Those whom I termed relatives
Turned out to be destroyers
Those whom I Considered loving
Were the enemies and vengers
I see them walking freely
With their heads high ,full of pride
Those whom I termed loving
Had the guts to drove me out of home

Street is what I call home
And I see you people passing by
With eyes full of hatred
Yet here I am pleading for justice
But my voice can’t be heard
Trying to understand what is Love
Looking for answers
So when you pass me by
No need to judge
There is more than just me
A heart broken into many pieces
Trying not to give up
Waiting for a Savior
A soul pleading for Justice.