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I feel like pouring my thoughts about Love

The other day a friend of mine told me nowadays Love is overrated.

And its true when you look closely

But on the other hand only a few mean it when they say ‘I love you’

I’m not talking about couples ‘thing’

Or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship

I’m talking about love in general.

Even Jesus said the greatest of all is Love.

How many times do we say it to our close friends, families, sister, brother, mother, father, best friend!!!

Probably countable times and those are the people who mean the world to us.

They will be there in times of laugher and heartbreaks.

You know its funny how you’ll tell your people how you love them everyday and forget Β to appreciate them.

Love is not just saying, its actually what we do to the people who mean the world to us.

And some times even we think some people actually don’t deserve it that’s when we go wrong.

Love conquers everything.





And each day, He kept on reminding me
Watch out for the people you associate with
They’ll cling so close
Only to learn how they’ll destroy you
They’ll be closest friends but closest enemies
Learn how to love
But don’t attach yourself to them
Because one day they’ll break your heart
And that will rip off your soul
And they’ll be celebrating behind your back

And he went on and on
He wanted to discipline me
And train me to survive alone
At the same time with people
Laugh with those who laugh with you
Cry with those who cry with you
Help those who are always there for you when you are in your lowest moments
And I came to understand about this life we live
It’s a give-give society
No matter how good you are
They will always celebrate those who do bad
Funny Mmmh.. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
And as for you your mistakes is what they’ll see
Not your good deeds
And this is the society we live in…
Change to us always seem like a past tense…or rather History…


Everyday he had this evil smile on his face
Its not that he was a happy man
But he’d been through much in his life
And nothing really made sense to him
He didn’t know the evil and the good
He laughed at the downfall of others
And mourned at the success of people
That was him….
A strange character that made him a prisoner of himself
And each day I passed by..
I pitied him
And I always got this urge to stretch my hand
To look at him in his eyes
And bring him back to the real world
But maybe his was world was better
Maybe it seemed normal to him
But again my conscience will judge me
And so this day I decided I’d say hae
That’s where the step of a long journey began
And funny enough he responded
And he starts narrating his life
And the biggest concern
It was always about people
Its always about people
They broke him up
They betrayed him
They made him live in such a devastated life
And I’m here trying to convince him
To give them one more chance
Just a little bit time
Maybe things we’ll be alright
But deep inside
It dawns on me too
That it might take eternity to ever make him
Come back to his senses
His normal life
Because the road to forgiving
And reconciliation
And forgetting
Needs more than just strength

Each day I’m touched by the incidents, that happen to me or other people. I’ve got this habit of learning people’s feelings and emotions to life or other issues. I meet different people each day with different characters. There are those in high positions and are really humble and those full of pride, there are others who are always willing to help even though they don’t have enough, others are quick to forgive even when you are the one who wronged.
Something else, we tend to take people for granted when we have them around us. Not because we don’t love them, we just take those moments so lightly and normal. If we as humans were in a position to know what will happen tomorrow then, some of us would have been better persons and some of us would have messed up because of the fear of tomorrow.
And so at some point not knowing about tomorrow is better because it might not do us any good. But the point is don’t take life too seriously or so normal because it’s too short. At one point we will all die and none of us know when or how. So love to the fullest, appreciate those who you love and always remind them. Treasure those little moments. If an opportunity knocks on your please utilize it. Learn to be humble and treat people with respect, judge less. You never know, ‘what goes around comes around ‘
Make mistakes and learn from them,, that’s life maturity. Help if you are in a position to. Love yourself and don’t limit yourself to anything if it’s helpful and you are able to do it. Leave a legacy behind, it’s the most beautiful thing you can do. Put God first ,TOUCH HEARTS and HURT LESS.
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