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Kenya stinks

Politicians stinks

Politics stink

Tribalism stinks

Hate speech stinks

I pity my city

I pity my generation

I fear for my life

I wonder if tribalism will Come to an end

Souls are wailing

People are living in fear of tomorrow

Friends are becoming enemies

Makers are turning to destroyers

The people we once believed in are disappointing us

The people we once looked upto are turning us down

Freedom of speech has break us

We now point fingers to the people we hate

Trying to cover up for the people of our own tribes


Our ancestors are ashamed of us

If only the ones who fought for our freedom can wake up

They be disappointed of our leaders

We are throwing stones at each other

Spitting anger at each other

Even our kids are now siding with one side

Everything is politics

Schools have turned out to be meeting areas

Churches are now discussing politics

All over social media, politics

And its not just clean politics

Its one filled with tribalism and hate speech

Turning people to be rivals


I pray for a proud country

I pray for a peaceful Kenya

Where our tribes won’t define us

Our names won’t betray us




Each day I’d wake up to him

And hate turned to love

He wasn’t the man of my dreams

But he made my dreams Come true

He taught me how to fight my demons

And every night I slept

And I would experience the nightmares

He was there

Just to hug me tight

Watch me fall asleep peaceful

Sing to me while holding me

And in the morning

I would wake up to him

And he’d prepare breakfast

And warm my water

And make sure I look stunning

He made me believe in life again

Gave me the strength to look at life in a different point

I’d look at his eyes

And get the courage to live another day

To fight one more day

And one more battle

There was hope born

There was light at the end of my dark tunnel


Because I am the story

The story I never wanted to tell

Not even share to anyone

I am the girl born of a woman

A woman raped that night

So I’m that girl born out of wedlock

Raised by a woman who never loved me

I guess she didn’t have an option

Or maybe she wanted to punish that man

That man who caused her so much pain

And so much shame

That man who cut her dreams short

And she couldn’t live fully anymore

And she was forced to get married

To another man

Or maybe it was her choice

To avoid so many fingers pointed at her

But the man she got married to

Was a beast…😢

I was just 12…

A big girl enough to notice changes

And he would creep in at night

And force me to sleep with him

And it went on for years

And the woman I called mum knew

I guess it was still a punishment

To the man who made me become a being

And I had to run

For my life

Because I’ve never understand

What it meant to be loved

I lived a life full of pain

Resentment, hatred,regrets


Until I met him

Its still hard to explain how

Coz I never thought

There was anyone outside here

That would be a little bit caring

I didn’t think I’d look at any man

They are the reason I went through hell

And I’m still in a doubt

You can’t blame me

That has been my life all along

I’m just trying to rewrite my story

A story that was to be untold…..


Everyday he had this evil smile on his face
Its not that he was a happy man
But he’d been through much in his life
And nothing really made sense to him
He didn’t know the evil and the good
He laughed at the downfall of others
And mourned at the success of people
That was him….
A strange character that made him a prisoner of himself
And each day I passed by..
I pitied him
And I always got this urge to stretch my hand
To look at him in his eyes
And bring him back to the real world
But maybe his was world was better
Maybe it seemed normal to him
But again my conscience will judge me
And so this day I decided I’d say hae
That’s where the step of a long journey began
And funny enough he responded
And he starts narrating his life
And the biggest concern
It was always about people
Its always about people
They broke him up
They betrayed him
They made him live in such a devastated life
And I’m here trying to convince him
To give them one more chance
Just a little bit time
Maybe things we’ll be alright
But deep inside
It dawns on me too
That it might take eternity to ever make him
Come back to his senses
His normal life
Because the road to forgiving
And reconciliation
And forgetting
Needs more than just strength

Tell him an still here
Waiting for the love that he promised
The unwavering love
Tell him I’m ain’t broken
Coz I’ve learned it the hard way

Tell him my heart ain’t torn
Into broken pieces
But rather, am much stronger
Coz of the experience
And the pain I’ve gone through

Tell him I’m still a dreamer
Of the eternal love
That I always hoped for
And still believed in
Each and every day.


Street life

They call us ‘Chokoras’
They compare us with dustbins and waste stuffs
They look at us,as if we are outcasts
On the streets they hold their bags so tight
Thinking we will grab them
Yet conmen are right there beside them
Dressed in nice outfits and suits
We are looked down on
With our dirty and smelling clothes
Kanjos are always on the outlook to strip us
Yet we belong to the streets
Because that’s where we grew up
And so we call it home
It’s not as if we don’t deserve better
It’s just that dream is not yet achieved
We also hope for the best
But we need to be accepted by the society
Be shown compassion and love
Your attitude towards us will change the situation
We will no longer beg
Because we will have a voice
Our lives will have meaning
Only you can change us.
#show some love to street kids

💘Painful reality 💘


You meet him,you fall for him
Says it’s love,at first sight
He asked for contacts
Without hesitation
You give it to him.

He texts, he calls
And it goes on, for weeks
You get crazy, with each passing day
Yearning for more, more of him
The feelings ,the passion

He asks you out, for a date
As usual, it can’t be NO
You dress sexy, to impress
And get his nerves down
You think you Know him better

He behaves so gently, so romantic
Indeed he’s a gentleman, you think
With every passing minute, it gets crazier
Both of you, can’t resist
He takes you to the hotel room

It starts with a kiss,
And finally you both give in,
You feel like his queen,
You now think, you own his heart
He’s yours forever

You wake up in the morning,
He drives you back home,
Gives you a forehead kiss,
He promise to see you soon
You promise to show up

Days go by, with no call
He turns out to be ‘mteja’
It dawns on you,
It hits you hard,
That painful reality

He was never part of you,
And you find out, you are pregnant
At the same time, infected
You can’t take it,
You decide to abort

The doctor announces,the worst news
You gonna be a barren,for life
You hate yourself more
You regret it more
For taking things so fast

But it’s already late,
Time can’t be turned back
You just discover that
You should have loved yourself first,
Before loving others .

#be you, do you



It was a place they called home
All their childhood life they spent it there
It wasn’t that beautiful life all kids dream about
But they had no choice but make life best out of it

Books were the inspiration for them
God was faithful to give them brains
In school they turned out to be the best
Ragged uniforms didn’t hinder them from working hard

The fact that they ate only one meal a day ,didn’t hinder them from growing
They had to grow with the mentality that ‘nothing good comes easy’
They had to change their story from disaster to success
They wanted to give hope to the hopeless

Right now they sit back and smile at their achievements
It might have been the hardest journey
But at the back of mind it was worth it
Each day to them is an opportunity
Because it’s never too late to work out your tomorrow.